Effective Monday, November 19th Duncan Bridge Center will be using a new reservation system for Monday thru Saturday afternoon games. If you show up without a reservation, you may not be able to play.  Other games should not be capacity restricted and you may show up to play without a reservation. Please view the schedule here to check games and times.

New System

For Open Game Reservations: http://cloud.bridgefinesse.com/C263830OpenProfile.html

For Limited Game (e.g. 750, 499) Reservations: http://cloud.bridgefinesse.com/C263830LimitedProfile.html

You will only need your ACBL number to log in and make, view or cancel reservations.  After clicking submit, pick a game and then choose a partner from the list. Each week you will receive an email reminding you to reserve for the coming week and showing you your existing reservations whether made by you or your partner.  The system also has a recurring feature to allow you to book games on the same day of the week with the same partner  for one, two or three months into the future.

After you use these links, you may bookmark them for future use.

If you have problems with the system, please contact the game director when you show up to play or click here to email Sean Lui.