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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Mon, April 22
9 am – noon

Slam Bidding

Slam Bidding is a challenge. Our slam bidding tools vary based on our auctions. We will discuss bidding tools for a variety of different auctions and go into detail about tools that explicitly show shortness. The key to reaching thin slams is to understand how the hands fit together. We will look at these hands in detail and  discuss how to “think properly” about your cards and how to communicate with partner.

Tues, April 23
9 am – noon

Finesses and More

A finesse is not a good enough play and we should not settle for it! We will discuss when to take a finesse and when to avoid it. We  will also look at ways we can do better – starting with double finesses and other card combinations.
Then we will move on to how to combine our chances in multiple suits (the expert’s trick)!
Here we look at how to recognize our play options and improve our declarer play.

Robert is a professional Bridge player and teacher from Tallahassee, FL who teaches seminars and workshops all over the country, as well as hosts cruises and plays at the highest levels around the world.

$60 for one / $100 for both workshops



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