Class Schedule Winter 2018 – Check back as classes are continuously added:

Advanced Beginners:  DEFENSE IN THE 21ST CENTURY with Guy Monroe
Advancing Beginner to Intermediate —  8—Week Series – $100.00 • Textbook $20.00 (Drop-In with Instructor permission—$25.00) The cost of this class is generously subsidized by the Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation, dba Duncan Bridge Center.
Advance registration please to: or phone 541 264 5708
Thursdays, January 11 —March 1, 2018 9:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m.
  • Opening Leads Against Notrump & Suit Contracts
  • Second Hand Low
  • Third Hand High
  • Cover an Honor Defensive Signals
  • Making a Plan
  • Developing Defensive Tricks . . And much more!


A Series of Classes with Glenna Shannahan
1)  January – Mon & Wed beginning Monday Jan15th,  ending Wed, Jan 31st  for your 6 session Major Suit Raises:  Intermediate to Advanced players who want to improve their game.  The class will cover: Limit,  Preemptive and Cuebid Raises which will solidify your basic game. Jacoby 2NT and Splinters will take your game to the next level.  Cost $140 includes $10 for handouts
2)  February – Mon & Wed Beginning Monday Feb 12th, ending Wed Feb 28th for your 6 session Doubles Class- There are 13 basic doubles used in Bridge. We will focus only on the most often used and needed doubles. We will polish your Take out doubles and negative doubles and introduce you to Support, Reopening, Lead directing and more. Defense is easier when we are familiar with these rather than trying to figure it all out at the table. This class will greatly improve your game.
 Cost $140 includes $10 for handouts
3)  March – Mon & Wed 12th, 14th,  26th, and 28th. 4 sessions Slam Bidding Class-   Slam Bidding beyond Blackwood. Reached by Power, Controls and Shape. How to know when to look for a slam,  how and when to use Blackwood or Gerber and Control Showing Bids are a must in Successful Slam Bidding.
 Cost $100 includes $10 for handouts
All classes are scheduled to start at 9:30AM and end at 11:30AM.
Glenna’s contact info is:
RSVP email:
Diamond Life Master
ACBL Star Teacher
Better Bridge Team
ABTA Master
 Two Over One with Janice Randles Randles
Starts Tuesday, 9:30 to 11:30 AM, March 6 for 8 weeks.
For bridge players that want to learn or improve their 2/1 system.  We owned a bridge center in Bellevue-Redmond, WA for 25 years with duplicate games and classes for all levels.  I teach a relaxed, enjoyable class.  There will be handouts.
8 Tuesdays – $140
preregister by calling 425-445-1268.
Diamond Life Master
National Champion
ACBL Star Teacher