Audrey Grant


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 6, & 7, 2018
9:00 am to noon
BIDDING – 5 Steps to Simplify the Reverse Move forward by Understanding the Oxymoron

DECLARER PLAY – Unlocking Card Combinations – It’s all about the order

DEFENSE – Why you hold the power, even though you have the weakest hand at the table

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Please make check payable to:  Duncan Bridge Center
AND indicate days of attendance
Mail to: Barbara Hopewell (
19 Covington Dr
Palm Desert, CA 92260    

$50 each day or $135 for all three days (10% discount)
Includes either textbook or comprehensive participant packages

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More Details

An Audrey Grant workshop is an opportunity to learn the latest bridge techniques and to improve your bridge judgment. The most effective and up-to-date teaching methods are used. You will be seated at card tables during the presentation and will have a chance to bid and play specific hands that illustrate the points being presented.  All welcome – No partner needed.

About Your Host

Audrey Grant has an international reputation in the field of bridge education. Her vision and commitment have been key to the success of the Better Bridge series of books, TV shows, lectures, the Better Bridge magazine, and the Better Bridge Teacher Accreditation Program. She works with world class player David Lindop and a team of the best players in the world to make sure the material is up-to-date and authentic.  Audrey is the author of The Official Better Bridge Series, and thousands of teachers have used her textbooks and methods for the past two decades. Recently, Audrey Grant became an Honorary Member of American Contract Bridge League joining other elite members such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Harold Vanderbilt and Charles Goren, to name a few. In May 2013 Audrey was inducted into the Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame.